Probably the most affordable
private hosting services in Europe.

Security and protection of your services.

We are engaged in the transfer of services and databases to alternative server sites with three key features.


Europe datacenters

Transfer of your data and services to the largest data centers in Europe, ensuring maximum connectivity with Russian Internet providers.

two factor

Two-factor authentication

A secured network perimeter, to enter which we use traffic encryption technologies and two-level authentication using hardware key fobs (tokens).


Data security

Ensuring backup of information to a country other than the country of the main location of the data, as well as the use of instant shutdown technology.

Virtual and dedicated servers.

We are the private hosting company. Resources access shall be approved with the purposes of use.

Rent of servers and ready-made applications.

We work on the principle of a closed hosting platform, so we have an individual approach to each client.

dedicated servers

Dedicated servers

We specialize in providing powerful server solutions for rent for use in gaming, trading, accounting and other tasks. We use only proprietary equipment from Dell, HP and Supermicro.

dell chromebook

Pre-configured solutions

Some of our solutions are typical and do not require additional configuration, except for monitoring and support. But, we are always ready to discuss any of your requirements and tasks and offer a turnkey solution.

virtual servers

Storage servers

Our sites with servers for data storage are located in five countries around the world. Our selected data centers for equipment placement ensure maximum connectivity with global traffic transmission operators.

Different ways of payments.

We accept payments through the different payment gateways and direct transfers to the payment systems wallets.


Support. Backup. Monitoring.

We not only ensure the launch of the service, but also its subsequent maintenance and continuous support in the process.

Data backup

Depending on your wishes, we can back up data both in different countries and using various technologies, including, for example, versioning of copies.

Recovery check

Unlike many support services, besides the fact that we monitor the correctness of backups, we also check their recovery and performance.

Service availability

Our basic SLA level is 99.9% for all services, but at the request of the client, we can increase it to 99.99% for the network and up to 100% for power supply.

Resource monitoring

All our data centers have a proactive monitoring system, we can find out about malfunctions before the equipment breaks down and replace them.

Backup uplinks

In all the sites we use, there are several global telecom operators using a dynamic traffic routing system.

Daily reports

We receive daily reports from automated tasks for monitoring systems and services, which allows us to quickly respond to malfunctions.